The Biotech+
Idea Factory

The University of California’s hub for innovation, networking, and early-stage entrepreneurship in life science and climate.

The Challenge

We face urgent needs in health and climate. Bioscientists are working hard to understand the challenges and find solutions.

The Solution

QB3 helps these innovators make discoveries and translate them into products and services.

We connect scientists to each other and to resources, enabling them to bring vital new technologies to market. Since 2005 QB3 has catalyzed a remarkable string of life science ventures designed to help bio-innovators commercialize their discoveries and inventions.

QB3 has pioneered university-associated incubators and venture capital investment in biotech, pharma, medical devices and health technology. We’re always up for the next big adventure.

Five scientists from Evercrisp in a conference room in front of a screen with a protein structure


Catalyzing Innovation

At QB3 we work with entrepreneurial scientists to solve the biggest challenges facing society. We provide full-spectrum support all the way from pure academic research through VC-funded companies gearing up for clinical trials.


We connect entrepreneurial scientists to veteran industry mentors to advance their startups in the QB3 early-stage mentoring program. Advisers guide founders on fundraising, market fit, and IP strategy.

Early Stage Mentoring


UC Berkeley is a talent pool of 35,000 students. Many are keen on careers in biotech. We select and match students with startups in our incubators and programs. It’s win-win and frequently translates into full-time hires.

A large group of undergraduate students pose for a group photo with the administrators of the Break Into Biotech program at Bakar Labs

Scientific Collaboration

Scientists are often more creative and productive when working together. We leverage strengths and resources across and beyond the UC system, brokering connections between scientists in collaborative grant-funded initiatives.

Scientific Collaboration