Meet One-on-One with Bio-Rad at QB3

Bio-Rad, a leader in products for life science research and clinical diagnostics, and based in the Bay Area community of Hercules, continually seeks to increase its portfolio of innovative technologies.
Bio-Rad is interested in meeting startups in the QB3 ecosystem. To facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships, we are coordinating a partnering session Wednesday, December 11 at UCSF Mission Bay.
Space is limited. If you see an opportunity in partnering with Bio-Rad, please apply thru Wednesday, November 13.

Areas of Interest

Before you apply, please note that Bio-Rad is interested in technologies whose applications fall in the following areas:

In life science research:

  • Single cell biology (genomics and proteomics)

  • Protein characterization

  • Digital genomics and translational research

  • New generation sequencing technology

In clinical diagnostics:

  • Microbiome

  • Point of care technologies

  • Microbiology, including antibiotic susceptibility

  • New biomarkers

  • Food safety

  • Wearables, mHealth

Download the full scope document