At MedTech Venture Partners, we fund and support medical technology entrepreneurs. The fund is associated with the UCSF Rosenman Institute, QB3, and UCSF.

Combined, our team has overseen the conception, development, and launch of over 30 medical devices and diagnostics products. We scaled early stage device businesses, operated large ones, we have extensive clinical and regulatory experience globally, and participated in buying and selling technologies, products, and companies. We believe our experience allows us to better understand device entrepreneurs and help them succeed.

Together with our partners at UCSF we are building an exciting ecosystem around early stage medical devices.

For years entrepreneurs had been telling us about the Valley of Death: the gap in funding that a startup faces, especially in life sciences, between federal grants at the earliest stages and Series A venture investment. De-risking the technology is key. That's why, in 2009, Reg Kelly and Doug Crawford created Mission Bay Capital (MBC) and raised $11.3 million for MBC Fund I: to provide seed funding to help QB3 entrepreneurs de-risk their technologies.

Three successful exits later, Kelly and Crawford raised $25 million for MBC Fund II. MBC currently has an active portfolio of 34 companies, and has enjoyed four exits.

MBC is independently incorporated, but affiliated with QB3, and headquartered at our affiliated incubator MBC Biolabs.