Toronto, Canada

Venture-Backed, Alumni

Cyclica is focused on helping you navigate the drug discovery pipeline by assessing the safety and efficacy of drugs. Whether pre-clinical, clinical, or FDA approved, Cyclica can offer novel insight and analysis into your drugs’ effects using our in-house, drug-centric and structure-based bioinformatics platform.

By focusing on a small molecule structure and its polypharmacological profile, we distinguish ourselves with virtual screening technologies that are specific for a protein structure. We further augment our structural information with cognitive computing to drive our biophysical simulations.

Unlike deep-learning approaches that explore the limited space of established drug targets, our technology generates novel predictions that include conventional targets and beyond.

Cyclica's pre-clinical insights and in silico predictions improve current attrition rates of lead therapeutic compounds, improve patient outcomes with fewer side effects, and breathe life back into shelved therapeutics.


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