BASF is collaborating with Riffyn on white biotechnology R&D


To advance its development of bio-based solutions and fermentation processes using digital technologies, BASF is collaborating with Riffyn on its global experiment data capture platform. BASF will integrate its white biotechnology research tools and data systems with Riffyn SDE, a cloud-based platform for experiment design and deep data analysis. Taking this step will strengthen key areas of digitalization in white biotechnology R&D at BASF, such as machine learning, data sharing and scientific process improvement.

White biotechnology (also known as industrial biotechnology) offers a direct and efficient route to particular chemical products and helps to expand the use of renewable raw materials. Additionally, white biotechnology enables a sustainable future through high performing enzymes that reduce energy requirements for detergents and increase nutrient availability for better animal nutrition. Key to addressing these challenges is matching product performance with speed-to-market and BASF's collaboration with Riffyn establishes a frame to accelerate innovation. The access to integrated data empowers BASF scientists to innovate bio-based products and solutions for market segments such as agriculture, health and nutrition, home and personal care.

"The cornerstone of our digitalization strategy for white biotechnology research is to bring together all our data in a way that our scientists can easily visualize and access while preparing the data to extract additional value via machine learning algorithms," said Carsten Sieden, Senior Vice President, White Biotechnology at BASF. "The flexible yet structured way that Riffyn SDE handles experimental workflows and data supports our dynamic research environment and helps us to unlock and accelerate new innovation opportunities for our customers."

By working with Riffyn, BASF has the ability to capture the physical design of an experiment together with the associated parameters, samples and results. Having all information connected allows BASF to compare similar processes worldwide and relate process changes more easily to the outcome of an experiment. In addition, the platform is expected to decrease the amount of time that scientists spend entering, retrieving or sharing research data. Hence, BASF scientists can focus more on the impact of the data to their research as well as extracting additional value from the data rather than finding ways to organize it.

"Digitalization in R&D includes building up our capabilities and IT infrastructure for data science, knowledge management and scientific modeling as well as the application of digital tools," said Richard Trethewey, Vice President, Digitalization in R&D, Biosciences & Knowledge at BASF. "Teaming up with Riffyn will get us closer to an integrated data landscape that will boost the efficiency of our research by reducing the number of experiments and allowing faster and better decision making."

"We are thrilled to support BASF's scientists as they develop new products and solutions to improve our quality of life," said Timothy Gardner, Founder and CEO of Riffyn. "Riffyn SDE solves long-standing barriers to deep analysis of data in R&D organizations. We are gratified to partner with BASF to support its digitalization strategy."

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