QB3@953 changes name to "MBC Biolabs"


QB3@953, a life science incubator launched by QB3 in 2013, has changed its name to "MBC Biolabs." The rebranding reflects three major developments: a new incubator opening in San Carlos under the MBC Biolabs name; a close alignment with Mission Bay Capital (MBC), also a QB3-launched venture; and affiliation with the national BioLabs alliance.

"We are proud that QB3@953 has been so successful that it can now forge its own path under the excellent leadership of Douglas Crawford," said QB3 director Regis Kelly. "Incubators have always been a fundamental part of QB3's identity, since we opened the QB3 Garage@UCSF, the first incubator in the University of California system."

"QB3 is an innovation incubator itself," Kelly added. "We generate concepts that have proved to be very successful, meeting strong demands, and ultimately take on identities of their own." Examples include MBC; the Rosenman Institute, QB3’s medical device initiative; and the UCSF/UC Berkeley Master of Translational Medicine program.

Following the founding of the QB3 Garage@UCSF in 2006, QB3 had opened several other incubator spaces around the Bay, on campus and in partnership with private companies. The lessons learned from working with early-stage life science entrepreneurs enabled QB3 to plan a new incubator, named QB3@953, from the ground up.

No university funds were available to customize the new space. To finance the project, QB3 created QB3@953 as a limited partnership, entirely funded by private investors.

The incubator launched in October 2013 in a wholly redesigned and refitted building in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood, close to UCSF Mission Bay.

The companies in MBC Biolabs at 953 Indiana St., because of the location and history, will continue to be a key part of the critical density of expertise and entrepreneurship that makes Mission Bay such a magnet for life science commercialization.

The only question on everyone's mind, according to Kelly, should be: "What will be the next great venture to emerge from QB3?"