Gilead, Kite to Acquire Cell Design Labs for Up-to-$567M, Growing CAR-T Footprint

Gilead Sciences and its Kite cell therapy subsidiary have agreed to acquire Cell Design Labs for up to approximately $567 million, in a deal designed to grow the buyers’ footprint in chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) and other cellular therapies.

Gilead and Kite said the deal will enhance their R&D efforts with new technology platforms, allowing both to speed up the development of next-generation cell therapy candidates.

Based in Emeryville, CA, Cell Design Labs focuses on developing immunotherapies that deploy the company’s proprietary molecular modules targeting cancer and other diseases. The company is developing two propriety technology platforms. One platform is Throttle™, an “on switch” designed to modulate CAR T-cell activity using small molecules.

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