Mission Bio raises $10M for single-cell tumor analysis

Cells within a single tumor can have a variety of genetic fingerprints. Understanding that variety is likely a key to fighting cancer in the near future.

A new biotech firm has developed a device that analyzes tumors cell by cell. Single-cell analysis is nothing new. But Mission Bio, of South San Francisco, says it taken the technology a step forward. Instead of reading the code, or RNA, that comes from the switched-on genes inside each cell, Mission Bio’s machine reads each cell’s DNA—the full blueprint. Others including industry leader Fluidigm (NASDAQ: FLDM) are racing to produce DNA readouts from single cells, as well, but Mission Bio says it has produced a cheaper, faster machine that can analyze up to 10,000 cells in a single run.

The firm, spun out of the University of California, San Francisco laboratory of Adam Abate, said today it has raised a Series A fund of $10 million led by the Mayfield Fund.

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