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Give a seminar, join a panel, or deliver a featured talk at a conference.


Advise entrepreneurs on topics on which you are an expert.


We offer grantwriting workshops. Teach one, or propose another subject.


Catalyze innovation and commercialization in life science.


Help build a new incubator. Or become an LP in one of our venture funds.


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speak at a qb3 event

We offer our network regular seminars on topics of practical use to life science entrepreneurs. Examples include lessons learned, how to win funding, how to hire a team, and the ever-popular area of drug discovery. We also host major conferences through the year on topics such as biopharma and medical devices.  Get in touch if you have a talk to propose.

 Mentor our entrepreneurs

Many of our entrepreneurs come straight from the lab. They know the science inside out, but have no experience starting a company. To help them out, we created QB3 Startup in a Box, which provides professional legal support and grantwriting coaching. But many entrepreneurs would benefit from advice from people who have been there before, facing adversity, pitching investors, and pivoting to better serve the market. Can you help them?

teach a class

Through the year, QB3 offers grantwriting workshops targeting the major SBIR deadlines for NIH, NSF, and other agencies. If you've got expertise and would like to lead a workshop on grantwriting or other topics of vital practical importance to life science startups, we want to hear from you.

give to qb3

We help life science entrepreneurs turn concepts into reality. If you like what you see, and want to make more of it happen, consider donating to a new or existing QB3 program. Past donors include the Rogers Family Foundation of Oakland, whose Rogers Awards helped more than 17 scientists perform proof-of-concept work to move their technologies toward commercialization, and JPMorgan Chase, who funded the 2015 QB3 Awards and several other initiatives.

invest in growth

QB3 never stands still. Join us in growing our Bay Area incubator network and venture initiatives. Get in touch to learn what we have in the pipeline.