About qb3 startup in a box

Q. Do you need to be registered as a company to submit an SBIR?
A. Yes, it is a Small Business Innovation Research grant.

Q. Does the QB3 Startup in a Box program take equity?
A. No.

Q. Is our IP secure if we work with QB3?
A. Yes, we keep your information confidential, and QB3 does not take any hold on IP.

Q. How many companies go through this program ever year?
A. Approximately 70.

Q. How to do most companies register for incorporation?
A. Delaware C-Corp.

About incubators

Q. How do I apply for space at a QB3 incubator?
A. Please fill out our online inquiry form and we will reply as soon as we can.
Q. Do companies need to be affiliated with the University of California to be admitted into a QB3 incubator?
A. No, QB3’s incubator facilities are open to all companies as long as they are operating in California.
Q. Does QB3 take equity from companies in its incubators?
A. No, QB3 does not take equity from its incubator tenants.  Our facilities are available for rent under flexible and affordable leases.
Q. What is the selection process to be admitted into a QB3 incubator?
A. We consider several factors to provide the best match your company with one of our sites. These factors include but are not limited to your company’s technology and target markets, your company’s requirements for space and access to certain facilities or equipment and your current or planned funding status.
Q. Do your facilities provide shared research equipment?
A. Yes, our facilities offer a wide range of shared equipment and research spaces including access to fume hoods, biosafety cabinets and cell culture facilities.  When inquiring about space using our online form please let us know what type of equipment you will need access to and we will do our best to match you with the incubator site that best suits your needs.  Companies also enjoy close proximity to core research facilities at UCSF and UC Berkeley.

About Partnering with industry

Q. I’m interested in exploring a partnership with QB3. What should I do?
A. QB3 offers a number of ways to engage with our entrepreneurs, scientists and programs. If you are interested in discussing how you can work with QB3, please contact Christine Winoto.
Q. I’m with a startup that is part of QB3.  How can I learn more about QB3’s industry partners?
A. You can learn more about our industry partnership programs here. When you are ready to talk with one of our partners, please get in touch with Christine Winoto.
Q. I’m with a startup that isn’t affiliated with QB3. Can I connect with one of QB3’s industry partners?
A. Yes, absolutely. You can learn more about our industry partnership programs here. To get started, please contact Christine Winoto.

Q. I’m a faculty member interested in QB3’s program with Calico. How do I learn more?
A. QB3 has a partnership with Calico that spans 2 agreements. First, there is an annual grant program, the Longevity Fellows program, that provides funding for 3 projects each year, at $120K/year. These projects are selected after a spring request for proposals. Calico also has a sponsored research master agreement with QB3 to facilitate collaborations between faculty at UCSF, UC Berkeley and UCSC and Calico.  For more information on how to get engaged with the partnership with Calico, please contact Christine Winoto.