IP Landscape Analysis Performed by UC Law SF Team

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Patenting your invention is just one step in being able to commercialize. You need to make sure that you are not infringing on existing patents that could limit your ability to apply your technology. Ensuring that you have an IP landscape free of obstacles can take many hours of a patent attorney’s time. But it is crucial to your company’s ability to attract and win investment.

To provide IP landscape analysis to selected startups at no charge, QB3 is partnering with two leading law schools: Berkeley Law and UC Law SF (formerly UC Hastings College of the Law). For companies accepted to the program, a team of law students with technical backgrounds will perform an IP landscape analysis under the supervision of an experienced attorney at a blue-chip firm. Each company must interact with their assigned student team weekly to ensure progress of the project. The program itself will take approximately two months to complete and will require a time commitment of 4-8 hours from the startup.

This is a selective program. Applicants will learn by mid-January whether they have been selected for the program. Scroll down to fill out the application form.