Bakar Labs/BBH/QB3-Central Team Wins UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award

Congratulations to the hard-working team at Bakar Labs, the Bakar BioEnginuity Hub, and QB3-Central, who, along with 22 individuals and eight teams at UC Berkeley, won a Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award, presented on Tuesday, April 23!

The team celebrates after the award presentation. Top (L-R): Michael Tsuchida, Jim Koman, Riley Hummel, Kaspar Mossman, Susan Jenkins, Thom Opal, David Schaffer, Gino Segre, Carmen Ramirez, Jill Marchant, Jeremy Alberga. Bottom (L-R): Erica Yab, Minji Huang, Noem Noiwangklang.

The official wording:

“Bakar Labs and the Bakar BioEnginuity Hub (BBH) launched in 2021, and joined forces with QB3-Central to build a world-class biotech incubator with life science entrepreneurship programs that have significantly advanced the university’s research and educational missions. With creativity, collaboration, and determination, staff across these three entities have coordinated with numerous campus units to build a vibrant community of startup companies that are commercializing campus-originated innovations in therapeutics and climate technology. They have also created complementary programs to enhance the incubator, including student internship opportunities, expert mentoring to first-time entrepreneurs, networking opportunities with leading companies in the field, and facilitating company funding, and the development of new curriculum. This team has supported more than 50 startup companies, and the incubator program has generated significant revenue that has supported the growth of other programs. BBH and Bakar Labs continue to elevate Berkeley as the leading public university for life science entrepreneurship.

  • Adrian Miu, Business Operations Manager, Bakar Labs
  • Amelia Farmer, Business Operations Specialist, Bakar Labs
  • Carmen Ramirez, Facilities Management Specialist, Bakar Labs
  • Erica Yab, Program and Events Specialist, QB3
  • Gino Segre, Managing Director, Bakar Labs
  • Jill Marchant, Laboratory Operations Associate, Bakar Labs
  • Kaspar Mossman, Managing Director, QB3
  • Minji Huang, Business Operations Associate, Bakar Labs
  • Riley Hummel, Deputy Director of Outreach Programs, QB3
  • Susan Jenkins, Managing Director at UC Berkeley Bakar Fellows Program and Bakar BioEnginuity Hub
  • Thom Opal, Laboratory Safety Specialist, QB3
  • Wanichaya Noiwangklang, Program Manager, QB3″