Mission Bay Capital

Mission Bay Capital, LLC, is an independent venture firm focused on making pivotal, early-stage investments in bioscience companies emerging from the University of California. Founded in June 2009, Mission Bay Capital combines the rich knowledge and navigation skills of QB3 executives—Regis Kelly, Douglas Crawford, and Neena Kadaba—with the experience and proven success of a renowned investment advisory committee led by Brook Byers and John Wadsworth. Mission Bay Capital is fueling breakthrough bioscience technologies to meet society’s challenges while also helping to boost the California economy.

Mission Bay Capital is managed by Regis Kelly, PhD, and Douglas Crawford, PhD, who jointly serve as managing directors of the fund in a pro bono capacity, and are dedicated to promoting cross-disciplinary and cross-campus research within QB3. Over the last five years, they have built a suite of services for QB3 and UC entrepreneurs. They created the first technology incubator within the UC system—the QB3 Garage@UCSF—which has since expanded into a five-site system home to more than 40 companies. Kelly and Crawford’s knowledge of university capabilities, coupled with their new access to commercial investment, will give them an unparalleled opportunity to enhance university innovation.

In addition to bringing needed products and companies to fruition, profits from MBC’s success (the carried interest on investments) will be returned to the University of California to populate subsequent MBC funds and provide for an endowment for QB3. This entrepreneurial approach to funding university research and education will fuel the creative engine to meet subsequent challenges.