StartX-QB3 Labs

StartX-QB3 Labs is located at 2627 Hanover Street in Palo Alto, near the Stanford campus. View full map

The Facility

StartX-QB3 Labs offers medtech and biotech companies a shared laboratory environment, the first to launch near the Stanford campus and Stanford Medical Center. Startups share 2,000 square feet of wet lab space. Benches are available in a range from five to 13 feet wide. Essential facilities (listed below) are available and companies can take advantage of the support of QB3 programs such as Startup in a Box, grantwriting and pitch deck courses, and the QB3/BayBio Accelerator group purchasing program.


Prototyping/3D printing hardware room DI water Water circulator
Tissue culture room with biosafety cabinet and incubators Ice machine Centrifuge
Four fume hoods -80C storage Microcentrifuge
Bacterial shaker and oven -20C storage Gel imager
Microarray scanner 4C storage Analytical balance
Autoclave Liquid nitrogen dewar House and point of use vacuums
Glasswash Plate reader

Resident companies

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