QB3 East Bay Innovation Center

The original QB3 EBIC is located at 2929 Seventh St. in Berkeley. You can find the new space nearby at 820 Heinz Ave.
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The Facility

The QB3 East Bay Innovation Center (QB3 EBIC) at Wareham Development’s Aquatic Park Center in West Berkeley is located at the heart of the East Bay Technology Corridor, the second largest life-science and technology cluster in Northern California.

Modeled on the highly successful “QB3 Garage” incubator at UCSF, QB3 EBIC is the result of a unique public-private sector partnership between UC Berkeley, UCSF, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Wareham Development, and the cities of Berkeley and Emeryville.

Over 50% of the space in QB3 EBIC is devoted to top-quality wet-laboratories, with the balance of the suite being support functions, offices, common lunch and break area, and a formal conference room for your important meetings.

The 17,300 square foot facility contains a number of major items of research equipment that are available for use by the users including fume hoods, bio-safety cabinets, incubators, freezers, ultra low temperature freezers, an ice machine and an autoclave.

Abundant amenities at QB3 EBIC include award-winning restaurants, fitness center, child care, shuttles to BART and to the AMTRAK Capitol Corridor Route.

QB3 EBIC @TheBakery is the initial 9,300 square feet of space, which opened as QB3 EBIC in 2010. Its success resulted in the expansion to 820 Heinz Ave. in 2014.

QB3 EBIC @820 adds 8,000 square feet to QB3 EBIC for a total of 17,300 square feet of space specifically designed to meet the needs of startup companies in the life, physical and green tech sectors. Click here for a list of equipment available at 820 Heinz.

Resident companies

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