QB3 has developed a rich network of mentors to help companies create a business plan that includes clarity about the best market to serve, the needs of their customers, the capital required, and the most significant risks that will need to be addressed. These mentors include:

  • QB3’s Clinical Associates—leading UCSF clinicians willing to help entrepreneurs evaluate the most important unmet medical need.
  • QB3 Mentor Network—leading biotech experts willing to help entrepreneurs think through the startup’s business model, personnel requirements, and capital needs.
  • QB3 Intern program—we have a large network of graduate students and post-docs seeking to gain business experience. These folks provide excellent analytic support for the startups and their mentors. They pull the patents, competitor information, and publications to inform the business model analysis.
  • The QB3 InnoLab team of professionals has gained considerable expertise in managing university policies ranging from conflict of interest through to licensing intellectual property.