“QB3—you rock ;)”—Uri Lopatin, Yosera Therapeutics

“Thank you QB3 for being so diligent about helping us to get going. You are all super! I can see why I need to work with QB3 for the rest of my life!”—M. (Ken) Kengatharan, Ph.D., M.B.A. Serial Biotech Investorpreneur, Co-founder and President at Armetheon, Inc. and General Partner at Atheneos Capital

“Thank you for your time and your invaluable feedback at the Monday presentation! We can hardly think of any faster way to come up with a viable business strategy for TeraFold than through your detailed remarks and pointers. QB3 incubation is indeed the best thing that can happen to a biotech startup.”—Ivo Georgiev, Terafold Biologics

“Thanks for all the help and mentorship you’ve been giving to me. It’s pretty awesome. Had a great meeting with Tim yesterday. He’s going to write us a letter of support for the SBIR and we may do a pilot study with them at some point. Thank you for the connection; you rock!”—Zac Apte, EvolveMol and uBiome

“QB3 has been just amazing, and I would love to be a contributing member of the innovation center.”—Charles Lee, Molecular Matrix