QB3 revenue + funding chart 2014

Companies in the QB3 network brought $600 million in funding and $161 million in revenue to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014. The numbers emerged from analysis of data from a survey sent to QB3 companies in early 2015 and public domain information compiled by the University of California Office of the President.

The data represents 411 early-stage companies employing 1728 people.

The 91 companies responding to the survey reported hiring 181 additional employees during 2014, an average rate of two new jobs created per startup per year.

To be included in the results, companies must have been residents of a QB3 incubator; or participated in a QB3 entrepreneurship program; or received investment from QB3's allied seed-stage fund, Mission Bay Capital.

For 2014, our companies also reported

  • Forming 77 new partnerships
  • Filing 108 patent applications
  • Being awarded 14 patents
  • Filing 148 grant applications
  • Winning 50 grants

Programs by the numbers

QB3 incubator network

  • 3 QB3-managed incubators: on-campus at Berkeley and UCSF, and our flagship, QB3@953, at 953 Indiana St. in San Francisco
  • StartX-QB3 Labs in Palo Alto, a partnership with StartX, is the first shared med/biotech laboratory near Stanford
  • The QB3 East Bay Innovation Center, at 292 Seventh St. and 829 Heinz Ave. in West Berkeley, is managed by Wareham Development
  • 40,000+ sq. ft. of space
  • 80+ resident companies

Mission Bay Capital

  • Fund I: $11.3M under management
  • Fund II: closed in May 2015. $25M under management
  • 21 investments; 10 in UC spinouts
  • 3 exits to date: Calithera, iPierian and Redwood Bioscience

QB3 Startup in a Box

  • Founded in October 2012
  • 275+ companies served
  • 70+ now operational

SBIR/STTR workshops

  • 3 15-hour SBIR/STTR courses per year
  • 3 4-hour SBIR/STTR bootcamps per year
  • 3x success rate compared to the national average